The guilty days of motherhood

Do you ever have a day that is so hectic, you are not sure when (or if) you had a chance to breathe? A day in which you have 100 things to get done and 20 more pile up? A day that just as the dishwasher breaks down, you get a call with something that […]

Space to Breathe

We have just returned from a family trip. We were celebrating a unique family occasion, and so traveled the thousand plus miles to see everyone. We do not live near our families. My husband’s job keeps us in certain locations, none of which are close by family. Many people would not like being so far […]

Hoping against fears

If you missed the first part of this very long story, you can read Looking for Answers and Struggling through the Questions. After months of aggravation and testing, the level of defeat I felt was nothing short of debilitating. At this point, I barely had the energy to lift my head at the end of […]

Struggling through the questions

(The first installment of this was posted last week if you’re new here- and welcome!) Walking into the cancer center with my then 2 year old daughter clinging to me was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Just the words “cancer center” are enough to evoke more fear than I’d ever like […]

Looking for answers

A while back, I shared my frustration with waiting. One of the things I have learned about myself in the past year is that I truly do not do “waiting” well- at all. The journey I went on was something so nerve-wracking, intense, and terrifying that it shaped every aspect of my life- and the […]

Taking a break from “busy”

“Wait a minute!” “I’m almost done!” “Just one more sec”.  These are often common refrains I give to my kids on a particularly busy day, especially when the work is piling up, there are errands to be run, and there is just so much to do. Do you ever feel like you are just so […]

Traveling the long road from Nothing to Everything

A couple of months ago, I enjoyed some time out with a good friend. We went to a restaurant, ordered a couple of glasses of wine and began to talk. We talked about life, we talked about work, we talked about kids. We went through the typical complaints, the common bemoaning typical of a busy […]

Hard Lessons: Learning how to not disappoint… me

Blogging is a world that has given so much to me. When I first hit publish a few years ago, I had no idea what kind of world I had just entered. I had no sense of the way things were about to become, the fulfillment I would find or the challenges I would face. […]

Things You Won’t Remember ~ A Letter For You

Life is full of things we can’t understand. We don’t know why things happen, how they will turn out, or even what we can do about them. Despite trying times and stressful situations, it is so important we recognize the blessings we have and take the time to appreciate them. I’m doing just that today […]

Damn Lucky

How do you know when you’re lucky? Invincibility. It’s the one emotion you embody as a teenager, and lose steadily as you age. Confidence. It’s the attribute you learn along the way and grow into. Fear. It’s the one thing you cannot escape even as you learn to conquer them. I’m a lucky woman. Has […]