How to increase your blog comments

While all bloggers love to share their words, comments are the most exciting currency. Building up readers is an ongoing process and it can take time to create a network with fluent comments. The first question many newer bloggers have (and experienced ones for that matter) is how on earth did they get so many […]

Blogs I Love {Old School Blogging}

Blogging has given me so very much. From close friendships, to business opportunities, and experiences I could never have imagined, it’s been an amazing experience. However, as with most things, life can so often get in the way. Between moving, and having a baby, and working, and looking for more opportunities, I too often collapse […]

Old School Blogging

While those of us just linking up now are beyond late to the party (hey, many of us didn’t have kids ten years ago- it was easier to keep up!), we’re still joining in the fun of the Old School Blogging Meme. So when I was tagged by Nicole and then Shell, I figured I […]