Summer Moments I’ll Miss

It’s so hard to believe that it’s the middle of August. Just a few months ago, summer loomed ahead like it would be some endless, stressful experience that would drag on and on. Instead, it flew by in a seemingly quick blink of the eye. While in years past, I was looking forward to the […]

Ice Cream for Dinner

Each week, we have a plan. We’ll eat early, we’ll be done in plenty of time, we’ll plan ahead. And then, each week comes around and we never do. It’s such a simple request, really. A fun thing that most summer memories include. I always have the best of intentions on making it happen- and […]

Seventh Generation Twitter Party! Join me for #7GenBabyFest

As most of you know, life has been busy with a new baby over here. For some reason, all of my kids have been born in colder months- November, February, and now the end of October (hmm…). While I don’t mind not having to deliver in the hot sticky summer, the cold weather inevitably brings […]