Porch Swing Stories: In These Small Moments

I am so excited to bring you my first guest of Porch Swing Stories. A few months back while searching for inspiration for my blog, I had a conversation with the lovely Nichole of In These Small Moments. Not only is she an extraordinary writer, but she is an inspiring person I am so thrilled […]

Introducing Porch Swing Stories

The front porch swing. Oh, she knew that those without a true love of the South can’t really understand, but this porch swing held her heart and soul. It was where she knew she loved the man that would become her husband with such conviction, she would have married him on the spot (don’t worry, […]

Things You Won’t Remember ~ A Letter For You

Life is full of things we can’t understand. We don’t know why things happen, how they will turn out, or even what we can do about them. Despite trying times and stressful situations, it is so important we recognize the blessings we have and take the time to appreciate them. I’m doing just that today […]

Monster Mommy Menu Plans

Do you sometimes feel like you are kind of losing your mind? Not in the literal sense, but more of the crazy-school-activities-soccer-toddler-tantrumy-kind of way? Yeah. It’s been a few weeks of that here. Determined not to continue on with the chaos (or at least have somewhat of a handle on it all), I am trying […]

I’m in the Hot Seat!

I hope y’all have had a great long weekend! While we’re hiding out from tornadoes here in the Atlanta area, you can find me over on Four Plus an Angel  answering questions from the Hot Seat and naming next week’s victim selected blogger! Bonus? All you have to do is leave a question for next […]

Why Now? When I Just Started Liking You? by the Empress

Today, I have the honor of featuring one of the most genuine, caring, thoughtful bloggers I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Her encouragement and support reaches beyond blogging, beyond social media, and has had such an impact on so many people, myself included. With her gift of saying just the right things […]

We Wear Many Hats

My guest posting series is almost complete! The new year will bring new posts and hopefully some new changes for Just Another Mom of 2. Today, Melissa from Peanut Butter in my Hair is guest posting. I met Melissa early in my blogging days and I am so happy to have found and connected with […]

Cookies and Presents

Today I am bringing you a double-feature by two more of my favorite bloggers. I met Momma Kiss through Liz on Twitter and quickly grew to love chatting with her and her great sense of humor. I met Tina when I first started blogging and have loved getting to know her and am now lucky […]

Dirty Little Christmas Secret

Today’s fabulous guest blogger is Shell who is the amazing blogger behind Things I Can’t Say. Not only is she one of the sweetest, most fabulous bloggers around, she is also my roomie for Blissdom next month! Today, she shares her dirty little Christmas secret.. Christmas is almost here. And I talk a big game […]