Being present in the new year


2014. I realize that we’re now a week in, but I finally feel like I’m present in the new year. I realize that might sound a little crazy- or maybe not with so many of you battling horrible storms. But between gearing up for my husband to travel long-term again and getting the kids back to […]

Old School Blogging – November


This is one of my favorite things in the blogosphere lately- Elaine of the Miss Elaine-ous life is bringing back Old School Blogging! This month, she and Brittany from That’s Vandy have a fun, old-school list of questions. Are you ready to join in? Where is your cell phone? On my ear!  Your significant other?  Is in […]

10 Things To Smile About for October

Reasons to smile in October

I just love this link up on Emmy Mom’s site. What a great, positive way to end a month, especially a long, stressful ones! Here are ten things that made me smile this October. 1. Great weather for soccer games. Living in Texas, it’s been a HOT soccer season. But, October brought some of the […]

Facing down the pressure


Sometimes, I really let the pressures in life get to me. I’m far from the only one facing pressures, and often feel guilty for worrying them aloud. But it’s so easy to get consumed. There’s pressure from family, pressure from friends, pressure from the media. But the worst is the pressure we put on ourselves. […]

Making Life Easier…


I just got back from the BlogHer conference in Chicago.  Okay, okay- I got back Sunday night. But with three kids and an endless amount of work to do, that’s the same thing as just got back, right? Anyway, with having JUST gotten back home from BlogHer, I now am faced with returning to reality […]

Finding routine in chaos- or not


Each time I have had one of my children (all three of them), we have moved merely months later. Throughout the pregnancy with my third, I would joke that it was “time to move again” since we would be having a baby. Never did I think that this would actually occur- ha! That’s what you […]

Lily turns 4


My baby girl.. It seems like yesterday that you were just born. How quickly that first year went… Time flew by and another year came and went… Before we knew it you turned three…   And while each year, you grow and grow some more, somehow this one seemed so much more. My beautiful baby […]

Dealing with chaos

September. It’s pretty much a word synonymous with chaos for most parents. With school back in session, a million and one sports practices and games underway and the other umpteen things that pile up during each and every week, it quickly becomes an overwhelming feeling of constant motion. This week, I seem to be overwhelmed […]

Struggling to breathe

It all starts out innocently enough. A stray thought here. A quick flash of imagery there. A glimpse of something horrific on tv. A passing glance at an article on the internet. Something mundane. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. No, this is much more subtle than that. It waits until I am lulled […]

Surviving Spring Break

School days. As hard as it was to put my son in kindergarten, I don’t think I ever quite realized how much I appreciated the days in school. This past February, I also put my daughter in preschool a few days a week. While the hours seem to fly by much faster than normal when […]