Being present in the new year

2014. I realize that we’re now a week in, but I finally feel like I’m present in the new year. I realize that might sound a little crazy- or maybe not with so many of you battling horrible storms. But between gearing up for my husband to travel long-term again and getting the kids back to […]

Old School Blogging – November

This is one of my favorite things in the blogosphere lately- Elaine of the Miss Elaine-ous life is bringing back Old School Blogging! This month, she and Brittany from That’s Vandy have a fun, old-school list of questions. Are you ready to join in? Where is your cell phone? On my ear!  Your significant other?  Is in […]

10 Things To Smile About for October

I just love this link up on Emmy Mom’s site. What a great, positive way to end a month, especially a long, stressful ones! Here are ten things that made me smile this October. 1. Great weather for soccer games. Living in Texas, it’s been a HOT soccer season. But, October brought some of the […]