Navigating a move with kids


Moving is not something new to us. In fact, in the past 8 years, we have moved 6 times to 5 different states. Yes. That much. My son was born in Georgia over 7 years ago. My daughter was born on one of our returns to Georgia over 4 years ago. This past October, we […]

Moving on… again

moving on

Childhood memories. I have many fond ones, with friends, family members. When I go visit my family still there, I point out the high school I graduated from, the football field I cheered on, the printer we dropped off the paper at each month. We visit favorite places to eat, take the kids to the […]

Notes from my Travels

Moving is something that many of us have endured. I have moved a time or two (or, um, six) since I married my husband. (Relax, they were all with him. His job has kept us traveling.) I have gotten to the point where I can schedule, pack, and execute a move in 6 weeks or […]

Exciting News & an Announcement!

June is bringing all kinds of exciting things- and since it’s been a loooong winter here in Alaska, I could not be more excited! As many of you know, I have been counting the heck down patiently biding my time in Alaska. It has been a long, cold experience, but FINALLY we are headed home! […]

Celebrating Spring Announcement

April has arrived in all its glory. Spring is finally in the air. Sunshine fills the days, flowers are blooming and bursting with color, and the warm breezes are chasing away the cold winter days. Unless your me. Because I? Am in Alaska. All right now, I realize this is not brand new information. I […]

Alaskan Beauty

Okay, okay. I am not the shoo-in for Alaska tour guide of the century. Although this southern-loving, city-missing, sweet tea-craving gal is not entirely in love with the idea of the arctic.. they have some natural beauty that not everyone can claim. (Um, hubs? Still on the same timeline. Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean […]

Making it Through

Solitary. Detached. Separate. Alone. I have had many experiences with moving. I have known what it was like to be terrified of playgroups and of holding myself back because it was September and I knew another move was coming. The challenges of moving on a frequent basis has taken its toll a time or two, […]

The Front Porch Swing


“We’re only going to be a few hours away,” she reasoned. “It will hardly make a difference. And hey, we will be right there at the beach. Think of the sand, the waves, the wind.. it will be amazing.” Not reassured by the sigh and rooting that answered her, she moved restlessly through the house- […]

Moving Day & Why Blogging Friends are Real

Moving Day is here! We are starting a crazy journey off to Alaska. This week has been full of insanity, of course. My daughter has been unbelievably sick, we spent many hours between doctor offices and the emergency room, and of course have been trying to pack. But, the movers are here loading up our […]

Back to Georgia

Thanks for joining me as I chronicle our past moves in preparation for the upcoming move in December! I talked about my first move, moving to Utah Part 1 and Utah Part 2. Here’s the next part of the series, where I get to return to Georgia. It wouldn’t last terribly long though.. “I’m done”. […]