Bad behavior at the soccer fields


Parenting is hard. Trying to keep up with all that needs to be done, shuffling kids around to activities and being an active parent supporting them along the way, balancing a baby in the middle of it all… I get it. Being a soccer mom brings many challenges, not the least of which is dealing […]

Adjusting to something new

something new

Most families fall into a general routine that they follow for years and years. Being that we are forever moving, we don’t exactly follow that route. However, since we have moved with my husband for so long and his travel decreased, the kids were used to him being around, even if it was just to […]

Growing up on the soccer field


Sometimes my seven year old can seem so much bigger, especially compared to my four and 10 month old kids. Other times, I look at him and think he’s so little, still my sweet baby boy (even if he doesn’t want to be). But, as we have discovered, one thing that makes me realize how […]

How not to do back to school


Normally, when it’s back to school time, I plan ahead. I slowly pick up supplies here and there as the end of summer looms near, with maybe an item or two left the last few weeks. Of course, last year, I was in a nesting frenzy and stocked up a month ahead of time and […]

Back to school video traditions


Traditions. They’re something I always try to achieve, but I never quite get to as many as I want to. However, when it comes to back to school, I focus on keeping up as  many traditions as I can. For example, every year, we go out to dinner for both the first and last day […]

The Final Bump


Today, my baby- my littlest baby of the three- is 8 months old. Sitting in our family room, I was looking at this beautiful smile today: It’s so hard to believe that this is another milestone gone by. He’s sitting, he’s crawling, he’s trying to figure out how to stand. Each skill he develops is […]

Valentines for the Uncrafty

photo (5)

Are you one of those people who sees something on pinterest and then totally wants to go create it too? So you do? Yeah. Me neither. However, I always want to be a little more creative, so a few times a year- usually coinciding with a major holiday- I give it a try. So, when we […]

Lily turns 4


My baby girl.. It seems like yesterday that you were just born. How quickly that first year went… Time flew by and another year came and went… Before we knew it you turned three…   And while each year, you grow and grow some more, somehow this one seemed so much more. My beautiful baby […]

How fast it goes


There is something so unique about having a third child. Even having two already, with one of each gender, doesn’t quite prepare you. You have all the worries that come with any child. But once that baby is here, you have such a unique perspective that is different from times before. When I’m hit with […]

What do you say


For the past five weeks or so, my oldest son has wanted to get a cheesesteak (and, as a result, so has my  daughter). Between having a new baby, relatives visiting, birthday parties and school events, there has always been something going on. Since it is not as convenient as about 20 other places we […]