Growing up on the soccer field

Sometimes my seven year old can seem so much bigger, especially compared to my four and 10 month old kids. Other times, I look at him and think he’s so little, still my sweet baby boy (even if he doesn’t want to be). But, as we have discovered, one thing that makes me realize how […]

How not to do back to school

Normally, when it’s back to school time, I plan ahead. I slowly pick up supplies here and there as the end of summer looms near, with maybe an item or two left the last few weeks. Of course, last year, I was in a nesting frenzy and stocked up a month ahead of time and […]

Back to school video traditions

Traditions. They’re something I always try to achieve, but I never quite get to as many as I want to. However, when it comes to back to school, I focus on keeping up as  many traditions as I can. For example, every year, we go out to dinner for both the first and last day […]