3 Things I Didn’t Expect About Having 3


I still sometimes can’t believe I have three children. It seems that more often than not, most people have their kids closer together- somewhere in the realm of 1 1/2 – 2 years apart. Me, on the other hand… well, I needed time to recover! I actually wanted my second to be that distance from my […]

Life Happens

Sometimes, every day life gets in our way. We can be so caught up with what has to be done, that the small wonders and amazing moments in life can be missed. Luckily, our kids are around to teach us a thing or two from time to time. The other evening, my son was busy […]

Raising a pack: going from two to three children

Being a mom of any is tough; Lindsey is a full-time working mom of four kids under 5! When I first considered adding another to our family, I was a bit apprehensive and asked for input. Now that he’s almost here, I’m pretty much in a panic and thought it would be great info to […]

A glimpse of the future- back to school and a memory captured

It seems like yesterday that I just brought him home… this tiny little bundle of which I was completely responsible for. I spent the next few years holding on so tight… Then I brought home his sister. Anxious to be like her big brother, she did everything she could to keep up with him. I […]

Three things I love about being a mom

With summer winding down, my kids are getting a bit restless. We’ve been out of school down here in Georgia since May, so suffice to say, it’s been awhile. With back to school looming on the horizon and baby on his way in just a few short months, I figured it was time to take […]

Embracing the ages and stages

My daughter was in our bed again. Sleep has never been a friend of hers. Why rest when there is so much going on? Why sleep alone if I can sleep in my mother’s arms? Bedtime rolls around. Her brother is easily tucked in, mumbling good night as he falls asleep before we even hit […]

The guilty days of motherhood

Do you ever have a day that is so hectic, you are not sure when (or if) you had a chance to breathe? A day in which you have 100 things to get done and 20 more pile up? A day that just as the dishwasher breaks down, you get a call with something that […]

Vacation dreams vs. summer reality

Do you ever have one of those summer days weeks months where you just need a break? Not the lock myself in the room and ignore everyone kind of break (which is always nice if slightly impossible), but the warm, sandy, ocean breeze type. Right now, I am having visions of lounging on a beach, […]

Baby genders {giveaway}

Over 6 years ago (yikes! how did that happen??), we brought home an adorable little boy into our lives. 6 pounds even, 19 1/4 inches long, he couldn’t wait to come into this world- ironic, since he’s our calm, easy-going child. He arrived at 35 weeks and has kept us smiling ever since. Then, a […]

Time flies by- Rockin’ the Baby

We all know how fast time goes when our little ones are growing. But when you take a minute to look at those little tiny baby pictures, it seems as though the time disappeared the last time you blinked. I’m linking up with Shell’s Rockin the Baby with pictures of my little ones! My early […]