Valentines for the Uncrafty

Are you one of those people who sees something on pinterest and then totally wants to go create it too? So you do? Yeah. Me neither. However, I always want to be a little more creative, so a few times a year- usually coinciding with a major holiday- I give it a try. So, when we […]

Lily turns 4

My baby girl.. It seems like yesterday that you were just born. How quickly that first year went… Time flew by and another year came and went… Before we knew it you turned three…   And while each year, you grow and grow some more, somehow this one seemed so much more. My beautiful baby […]

How fast it goes

There is something so unique about having a third child. Even having two already, with one of each gender, doesn’t quite prepare you. You have all the worries that come with any child. But once that baby is here, you have such a unique perspective that is different from times before. When I’m hit with […]