Just Wait, Kids. My Turn is Coming

I have had some rough mom days lately. Eventually, I’ll have the wherewithall to sit and write them out, find perspective, reason out my mom fails. But as a I sat down (read: collapsed into a chair) to write, I am reminded that one day, I’m going to miss this. I’m trying to hold on […]

Yes, I am “just” a mom

People. I am a mom. Here’s the thing. I do not believe that being a mom should solely define who you are in every aspect of life. I completely get how mommyhood can consume us; it’s just the way it is. But it’s our job to maintain the me in mommy. Or at least enlist […]

Attitude Already? Parenting Challenges

Parenting challenges come flying my way on a daily basis. My daughter can set a world record for the amount of times she can say no and my son delights in putting her toys out of his reach. Embracing my role as referee and tantrum-stopper, these challenges I can handle. However, my children are two […]

Becoming a Soccer Mom

Tonight will be my son’s first soccer practice- making me an official soccer mom. I know sometimes people are not prepared for the title or do not wish to use it- that is not the case with me. No, although I did not always know that this would be the path I would take in […]

Being Mommy is -Part- of who I am

I may need an attitude adjustment, and I am thinking my post is going to lose me some readers. I want to first clarify that I in no way find being a mom easy. No way, no how, not at all. I wish there were a parenting manual and a how-to guide to dealing with […]

Okay kids, go watch TV

I have to admit, I gave pause to posting this. We are often consumed of what others think of us, whether it is the opinion of friends, families, strangers- or in this case, my blog readers. I love the support and connections I have found through blogging, so I found myself ranging in emotions from […]

Summertime: chaos or structure?

Note: This post was originally posted on the Deep South Moms Blog, a part of SV Mom’s Group that recently decided to shut down. As a result, I’m posting some stuff here that I originally contributed- with an update of course! This particular post suits Shell @ Things I Can’t Say’s (you’re reading her right? […]

Simply.. exhausted

Let me start by pointing out my adorable little girl in the picture. That was when she was only weeks old.. and now she is 16 months old! Where does the time go? Anyway, on to my point. I have writer’s guilt going on here. Not writer’s block- no, no, I have plenty of ideas. […]

Sick Day

We’re having a sick day here today. No, not me (at least not yet) but my four year old son. He is throwing up and running a fever, while my fifteen month old is a teething mess, wanting to play with her big brother! So for today, I’m calling in a sick day and would […]

Top 3 Thursday: One for the Ages

Get ready for tomorrow and the Ultimate Blog Party!! I will have an exciting announcement and a giveaway opportunity! Be sure to go visit Elizabeth at Confessions From A Working Mom to link up your Top 3 Thursday this week! What are your Top 3 favorite ages? (Or, your Top 3 favorite ages for your […]