The BEST Potato Soup Recipe


Soup makes me so unbelievably happy, especially as it’s getting colder. That’s not saying that I won’t put on a pot of soup in the middle of 100-degree Texas weather, because I totally will. But, as the chill slowly begins to take over the air, I swear it tastes even better. While I love a […]

Easy & Delicious Mini Chicken Pot Pies


People, trying to cook for a household is not always easy. Everyone has different tastes, different appetites… different tantrums. While my 7 year old son is escaping the picky stages and is starting to eat as if it’s his last meal each and every time (seriously, where do boys put it all??), my 4 year old […]

Porch Swing Recipes: Creamy Shallot Mushroom Pasta

photo (27)

I just love pasta. Probably a little too much, especially considering I have some post-baby pounds to be contending with. (I can use the new baby excuse for at least the first two years, right?). There’s just something about a steaming plate of comforting carbs that can take the worries of the day away, leaving […]

Front Porch Recipes: Risotto

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After having Brady 8 months ago- wow. 8 MONTHS ago. Eesh.- cooking was a bit of a hassle in the beginning. Make aheads, crockpot and freezer meals were pretty much a necessity as there’s not always a ton of predictability in a baby’s schedule. Add in a move, a wedding, and everything else that goes […]

Chicken Stuffing Bake


Once upon a time, cooking was a leisurely task I could attend to when the mood struck. Which, often times, it did not. Now, however, there is no leisurely about ANYTHING, especially since adding a baby to the mix! Since he was born in October, I have been on a mission for quick and easy […]

Quick go-to meals

With two kids, school activities, soccer practice, running a business from home, and a baby trying to make an appearance at any point in time, meal time can get insane. Trying to get everyone fed, happy and out the door on time is pretty much a challenge on a daily basis. Lately, we have been […]

Delicious, Must-Make Beer & Cheddar Soup Recipe

I love soup, especially in the winter. Granted, it does not tend to get all the cold here in Georgia, but Atlanta has been seeing an endless amount of rain this winter. Whether it’s cold or not, one of my favorite soups has always been a good beer and cheddar soup. Thanks to my magazine […]

Staying organized with a menu plan

If there is one thing I have realized lately, it’s that when a routine gets thrown off it can mess up my entire week. Last week, I didn’t menu plan, didn’t make it to the grocery store for a full shop (lots of quick stops for “just a couple things”), and basically didn’t maintain my […]

Menu Planning a Cool Week Ahead

The fall weather has been sinking in here slowly in Georgia, but there have definitely been some cooler days. That always encourages me to try more soup recipes (like this week’s Tomato Soup from the Food Network) and use my crock pot more. Nothing quite beats the convenience of having dinner simmering all day and […]