Back to School Breakfast with Lone Star Eggs

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lone Star Eggs. The recipe, tips, and picante sauce suggestions are my own :). “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Since being in this state, we see this time and time again. The cattle are bigger, the fields are bigger, the sky is bigger… and even if things aren’t actually bigger, […]

The BEST Potato Soup Recipe

Soup makes me so unbelievably happy, especially as it’s getting colder. That’s not saying that I won’t put on a pot of soup in the middle of 100-degree Texas weather, because I totally will. But, as the chill slowly begins to take over the air, I swear it tastes even better. While I love a […]

Easy & Delicious Mini Chicken Pot Pies

People, trying to cook for a household is not always easy. Everyone has different tastes, different appetites… different tantrums. While my 7 year old son is escaping the picky stages and is starting to eat as if it’s his last meal each and every time (seriously, where do boys put it all??), my 4 year old […]