Appreciating my child

We so often hear that we need to treasure the moments, how fleeting time is. This has been a resounding theme in my life since the birth of my third child nearly twelve weeks ago. (Yikes. That long??) I have been striving to be here for all of my kids, and appreciate things that I […]

My son’s 7th birthday


7 years ago, I was pregnant for the first time. I had a tough time, lots of morning sickness and a complete panic of what was to come. Basically, we had no idea what we were doing. When we headed to the hospital, we had no way of knowing how utterly and completely we were […]

Being hacked.. and annoyed.

People, let’s start off with the fact that I’m a million months pregnant. Okay, not a million. But pretty darn close. This baby is ready to come at any moment. Shell and I have been swamped with work, one of my kids got sick, and then I logged onto my blog to find that dreaded […]

Why you need an Other Half or Happy Birthday Shell

For the past seven years, I have spent my time raising my kids and growing our family in various states. I have been part of many playgroups, had many friendships come and go, and had some pretty serious ups and downs. Among the many lessons constant moving taught me, one of them rings truer a […]

SHUTTER|bag Giveaway!

Who’s ready for a little summer fun? How about a fabulous new camera bag to spice things up?? You’re in luck! Kim from Mom Tried It introduced us to SHUTTER|bag since she is the North American distributor for these bags: SHUTTER|bag is the perfect accessory for the busy multimedia mom on the go. The Safari […]

Gender Reveal & Kindle Giveaway Winner

Thanks so much for those who participated in the gender guess game! And congrats to Sherry from Our Loonyverse on being the Kindle winner!! For those of you wanting to know, we were able to find out the gender at our ultrasound. Most importantly, baby is happy and healthy- a huge relief! So, will our […]

It’s my SITS Day!

I adore blogging and social media. So much so, that I turned it into my career. However, one of my favorite things about blogging has been the connections and relationships I have formed. With each conference I attend, I get to learn a little more and meet some of these fabulous people in person. With […]