Weather Attacks Across the Country- Tornadoes and Fires abound

Today I had planned on giving you all a preview of a fabulous new feature you will see here on Tuesdays. However, yesterday’s weather took an interesting turn. Here in Georgia, many isolated tornadoes touched down, including one in my town. We were very lucky here, though some neighborhoods received a bit more damage. Amazingly, […]

7 Things I will (not) miss about summer vacation

Summer vacation is rapidly winding down. In fact, there are only ten days left until my son starts kindergarten (when did that happen??). During a sweet moment the other day with my kids, where both my son and daughter were getting along, I felt a little sad that summer was coming to an end. Then […]

Headed off to Type-A Conference

Get the Type-A Conference – Take Your Blog To The Next Le widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) I have been in numerous states in the past week, and I have a few more to go- but first, a stop in Asheville, North Carolina for the […]

Under Construction!

Bear with me y’all, I’m tweaking a few things from my transfer move! Just Another Mom of 2 has now become My Front Porch Swing. I will have a more detailed post up on Monday- until then, pardon my mess while I tweak things around a bit!  

Grateful. Proud. American.

I know there may be trouble ahead. I know there is controversy in how things are handled and politics involved. But last night really just makes me damn glad I’m an American. So thankful for our troops and, let’s face it, the bad-ass crew who carried out such a mission. Watching the crowds gather in […]

Cake Pops Revisited

With Easter approaching, it was time to think of a spring-themed snack for my son’s school again this year.When he asked me to make lollipops again, I was confused- I had not made lollipops for his school before. He said, you know, like last year. Which brought me to remembering this post I wrote for […]

And then they crashed…

The night was inauspicious enough. The sky was clear, the air crisp, the atmosphere nothing more intense than normal. She took in a deep breath and realized the world was not going to end. Here it was, an event she could scarcely believe did not involve her. She had been a part of these events, […]

Tweetables ~ Share the link love

Welcome to this week’s tweetables! Each week I will share the links that are shared with me on Twitter! Thank you for those that provided this week’s links. 1. Call to Arms by @girlmeetsgeek submitted by @geekgirlwife 2. Questions I have asked the Facebook admins @cheeseboy22 submitted by @AKludgyMom 3. Petal Lashes by @juliecgardner submitted […]

AboutOne Launches at DEMO Conference

I know my blogging has been a bit sporadic, but I have been so busy lately with some great projects! As many of you know, I work with the fabulous company, AboutOne.  Today is an exciting day for the company, as our CEO and founder Joanne Lang officially launched the product at DEMO conference ( […]

Blissful Inspiration

Having returned home from Blissdom about a week ago, I still have so many thoughts I want to sift through, so many details I want to consider, so many notes I want to review. It was a whirlwind of an experience and I met some truly amazing people. Of course, I am so far behind […]