Matron of Honor

What do you do in between having a baby, putting your house up for sale (with three kids & a dog in tow), moving to Texas and buying a new home?

Why, be the matron of honor in your baby sister’s wedding of course!

When I can wrap my head around the fact that she’s really getting married, I’m honored to fill this role. My sister and I bickered our way through childhood, cried our way through the teen years, and she was even able to be with me when my youngest baby was born- all the while watching my kids while we were in the hospital (for that one, I’ll omit any bridezilla references. Ahem.)

This May, my younger sister is getting married. They actually have a sweet history and engagement. They dated through college, long-distance while he was in the military and stationed in Iraq, together in Colorado while he finished out his military career and now in Wisconsin, where a new job led them both to purchase their first house (which they’re also doing while planning a wedding. Hey, we like to multitask in this family).

While in Colorado, he took her for a helicopter ride through the mountains. Before they landed at sunset, he proposed (and, um, she said yes).

So sweet, right?


Anyway, fast forward to 2013, and all of a sudden the wedding is on it’s way. With half the bridal party (and the bride!) out of state, we have had to get rather creative. We have dress fittings, bachelorette parties, and a bridal shower all to get through – and soon.


So, in the midst of this:


And doing this:



After adding this:

photo (3)

I’m currently in the middle of planning this:


In her defense, her wedding was planned first.

What were some fun games you played during bridal showers/bachelorette parties? Help me out!


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    My grandma had a tricky game. Give the Bride a tray with all kinds of things on it to take out and show to all the guests – giving them pen and paper and telling them to try and remember as many things as possible – super vaguely. Then she leaves and all the questions are about what she is wearing and NOTHING on the tray. 😉
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    I’ve always thought that a fun game for a couple who knew each other a long time would be to ask the guests to bring a picture of the couple and share a story that goes with it. Then put it in a photo albumn for the couple to have and eventually share with their children.
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    For my bridal shower, two of my friends (including my matron of honor), videotaped Chris answering questions about me/our relationship. They played the question on the TV, I had to answer it and then they showed Chris answering it. It was a lot of fun! I only got one wrong too and I was happy to get it wrong. They asked what his favorite meal was and I said it was anything his mom made and he answered that it was my pork tenderloin. That meant the world to me because his mom is an incredible cook!
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