How fast it goes

There is something so unique about having a third child. Even having two already, with one of each gender, doesn’t quite prepare you. You have all the worries that come with any child. But once that baby is here, you have such a unique perspective that is different from times before.

When I’m hit with these feelings, I’m taken back to when I was headed in for my first ultrasound. I was so nervous, so concerned, even without having a reason. I expressed this to the ultrasound tech, who had been doing this for more than 20 years. She said by the third one, you’re so much more aware of how precious it is, and how many things COULD go wrong.

How right she was. I felt that way throughout my pregnancy, thinking once he was here it would lessen in intensity. However, I find myself desperate not to miss things this time. With a 7 year old and almost 4 year old running around, I know how fast it will all go.

How soon he won’t want to be held all the time.

How soon he won’t need only mommy for comfort.

How soon he will be moving on his own.

How soon he’ll be eating food.

How soon he’ll be running around.

How soon he’ll learn to roll his eyes.

How soon he just won’t be a baby anymore.

So I try to savor the moments, even at 3 am. I try not to get too stressed on the days I can’t put him down and ignore the discomfort of typing over him asleep in my lap. I try to fully appreciate each milestone, each memory- the good, the bad, the crazy moments. Because these moments? Are so fleeting.

And the realization of just how fleeting might just be the hardest part.


LEGOLAND Discovery Center- Dallas/Fort Worth

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary passes to visit the LEGOLAND© Discovery Center. I did not receive any other compensation for this post and all thoughts, opinions, and laser quest experiences are my own.  As a mom of three kids with varying ages, it can be extremely difficult choosing family activities. Far too often, my 8 […]


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  1. says

    I get this with my 3rd. Most of the moms that I know with 3 agree that the 3rd is different. The 3rd is YOUR baby. She/he goes with you everywhere while the older two are doing their things. Your 3rd become your little shadow. My 3rd is 6.5 now, but I remember even 18 months ago people were shocked if I arrived anywhere without my little shadow holding my hand.

    And I get about appreciating the time you have with them. Last night by 7:30 my two oldest (13 and 11) were up in their bedrooms enjoying some down time before the hustle and bustle of Monday morning. My little one was insistent on playing Uno. I so did not want to play Uno, but I knew that in a couple of quick years she will be looking for downtime too that does not include me. So we played Uno.

    Enjoy your little guy.

    • Ashley says

      I am ready to cry just reading this, but you have it exactly right! I know I will share these same sentiments as they grow. It really is a different relationship (as it is with each child), but oh how fast it goes! Thank you for always sharing your insight xo

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    With Ash and Bean about to turn 11 & 9 in the next couple months, I am even more in the rush of trying to slow down. (If that makes any sense.) Pretty soon they will want to hang out with friends over hanging out with me. Pretty soon they will be asking their friends’ advice on their clothes/hair. I love watching them grow but oh how I miss the days when they were small. Enjoy every second and every smile like the one above :-)
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    • Ashley says

      The more I watch my 7 year old gain his independence, the more amazing it all is that I started over with a new one. IT really does go by way too fast!!

  3. says

    I’ve been feeling that way with my gals…and it absolutely breaks me. Because no matter how hard you try, you CAN’T stop time. (But that realization totally does make you see and try to savor those moments even harder, doesn’t it? Which brings you back to mourning how fast time flies. It’s a vicious cycle.) And we’ve been having the Third Baby talk. I never even thought about the emotional stuff wrapped around “the baby” of the family…

    (I’m not gonna tell my husband. He’s still all hung up on the financial hilarity of it all.)
    Keely recently posted…Sick Day/Night/Weekend.My Profile

    • Ashley says

      It took a little while for us to get here too. Many people have theirs closer together and mine are all more than 3 years apart. It is the craziest cycle. But, the way we decided was advice I got from someone through twitter, actually; “you might always wonder if you don’t have third, but you’ll never regret having him/her”.

      She was so right.

  4. says

    Oh, Ashley…I hear ya! I am totally feeling emotional all the time about how I can’t freeze time. Like Heather said above, Gia is mine…all mine. Since she is so much younger than the other three, I am painfully aware how fast this time goes. Nico is a teen and he is in the stage where he loves me, he hates me and it breaks my heart every single day. The twins are 11 and trying very hard to need me less even though I still want thenm to need me (okay, maybe I am 75% happy if they can figure stuff out on their own). Gia and all her toddlerness still thinks I am the greatest thing ever and I want to soak it all up and keep it so when she follows in her siblings footsteps and grows up like she’ll have to, I can take it out and relish how it once was. You are very smart to recognize this while your little guy is still young. He is so adorable!
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  5. says

    This is so, so true. Unfortunately (well, fortunately depending on how you look at it), I had my #2 and #3 all at once and so it has all been a blur for so long! But, I’m trying to be so mindful and present as much as I can…because it goes so fast. This was a great reminder to do that.

    Happy New Year Ashley!
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  6. says

    It is fleeting. The first year moves SO fast. My littlest is already 8 months old – crawling, standing and cruising, and I just marvel at how not so long ago, he was just this tiny thing in my arms. *sniff*

    Which is why, I’m enjoying all the babyness so much more this time round. I know how quickly it goes by.

    Your baby boy is gorgeous!
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