A Delicious, Easy Ham in the Crockpot

Ahh, cooking. I think Monday is the perfect day of the week for cooking blog posts, because Monday is the day you tackle things. It is the day of the week that we get back into the swing of the “work week” (and make no mistake, we stay at home moms work!). I remember when I would go to work on Monday, make my lists for the week ahead and alternately wish to be back home in bed and motivated to accomplish my tasks for the week. That has carried over to my stay at home mom days. On Mondays, I make my list of things to do during the week, prioritizing (okay, kids out of socks, must do laundry) and rationalizing (well, it is only Monday, I have all week to clean the bathroom), etc. So, what better day to think about meals?

Some of you may recall that cooking is not something I do very well. In fact, if it wasn’t for Campbell’s Soup, and their fantastic easy recipes, my dinner contributions would probably end with spaghetti (or takeout. Did I mention I am excellent with takeout?). However, enter the one kitchen tool that can make anyone feel accomplished:

The Crockpot. I sure do love my crockpot. Now, I know many of you cooking experts out there can create delectable delights and complex creations with yours. I’m just happy I can put a good dinner on the table. Imagine my delight when I came across the What’s in Your Crockpot linkup at Smockity Frocks! (thank you to Myra @ My Blessed Life for mentioning this on Twitter!) Lots of great recipes all using the crockpot.

Now, I love a delicious homestyle meal. So, one of my favorite things to do in the crockpot is Ham with pineapple.

1 precooked ham
1 can crushed pineapple (8 oz-16 oz depending on size of ham)
1 large can of pineapple juice

I pick out a precooked ham at the grocery store that will fit in the crockpot. Then, I use a large can of Pineapple Juice. I pour half the can of juice in, then the ham, then a can of crushed pineapple, finishing with the remaining pineapple juice. Set the crockpot on low for about five or six hours, and you have a delicious pineapple-flavored ham. The tip to getting the ham juicy and full of pineapple flavor is to take a knife and make half-slices around the ham- just enough to let the juices soak in. The result is ham that is juicy and full of flavor, instead of dried out meat. It is absolutely delicious!

Serve with mashed potatoes and green been casserole for a classic feel, or try some macaroni and cheese for a quick alternative. It goes surprisingly well with the ham.

Do you have any suggestions for other great side dishes that would go with this meal? I would love to hear them, I’m always looking for new ideas!

Now go on over to smockityfrocks.com & tell us What’s in your Crockpot!

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  1. says

    Ashley, That sounds tasty.

    Question for you… where did you find the cute graphics for your banner and button? I would love to find som avatar type images. If you can point me in the right direction, I’d love an email…Thanks. :)
    .-= The Improbable Housewife´s last blog ..Spring Fever =-.

  2. says

    I used my crockpot on Saturday and made BBQ pork – easy peasy – just sliced a couple of onions and laid in the botton, plunked a pork loin on top, dumped a bottle of BBQ sauce over all that and let it do it’s thing. I served with corn bread and green beans – yum.
    .-= TooManyHats´s last blog ..You Asked For It… =-.

    • admin says

      Glad to help! I always enjoy ham too, though the odds of me spending the day baking one in the oven.. not so good. Much easier solution!

  3. says

    OH that sounds yummy! I always forget to use my crock pot and never make ham since my hubby hates it but it is a good idea for when he is working late :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following me. I am now following you as well!

  4. admin says

    Don’t feel bad Pippi, there are so few things I can make too. It’s probably why I write about every single thing I manage to make properly- I get so excited when it’s not terrible!

  5. says

    I just rediscovered my crock pot about a month ago and I LOVE it. I have a pot roast cooking in there right now. I’ve added a few crock pot recipes to my blog as well but I’m always looking for new things to try. I’m not a huge ham fan, but my hubby likes it so maybe I’ll give this a try.
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..All before 10am! =-.

    • admin says

      Ooh, Kristin, pot roast is one of my favorites! It really is amazing all of the recipes out there. The carnival this is linked to at Smockity Frocks has some amazing meals to check out!
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. says

    This really is probably my husband’s favored food. I love the idea, too, and you contain it put together his favored way now. I’ve never stated in at home before, but since we live far far from any good restaurants, this will be a great surprise pertaining to him! Donette Anslinger

  7. Ginger says

    Stewed squash and onions would be great with this as well as baked sweet potatoes. I add sugar, salt, butter and pepper to my squash and everyone loves it!

    • Ginger says

      How long does the ham need to sit in the crock pot before it’s done? I have a precooked ham that has already been sliced and it’s about 2 lbs. Thanks for sharing!

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